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EDG won the championship and the whole network is boiling, but e-sports are not only glamorous

2021-08-18 管理员 Read 1039

This weekend, there are two things in the circle of friends. One is cooling and snowing in the north, and the other is EDG winning the championship. China's EDG defeated South Korea's DK 3-2 and won the League of Legends S11 championship.

Corresponding to the championship, cheers for the championship came from the college dormitory, and uniform cheering slogans in the live broadcast... These lively scenes spread from social media to the outside world, and people can't help but watch the game. Carnival. No longer just "playing games" in public perception, the e-sports industry has been misunderstood from the beginning, and has now developed into a special cultural symbol in the hearts of young people.

The top-notch topics and huge bonuses on the top of the screen make people once again focus their attention on e-sports talents. A report entitled "2021 E-sports High-end Talent Employment Big Data Report" shows that from January to August 2021, the average annual salary of mid- to high-end talents in the E-sports field is 216,000 yuan, second only to the financial industry (233,800) which is known for its high salaries. Yuan). However, most of the e-sports talents who are out of the circle are first-class e-sports players, and their bonuses and auras often become the initial labels for people to recognize e-sports practitioners. Except for top players, do e-sports practitioners have high salaries on average, and what is their state of survival? After graduating the first e-sports major, how are the first batch of them to eat crabs?

Data shows that in 2020, my country's game industry will have revenue of 278.6 billion yuan, and overseas revenue will exceed 100 billion for the first time. There is a huge demand for e-sports talents. Many colleges and universities have opened e-sports-related majors. In September 2016, the Ministry of Education issued a notice requiring colleges and universities to add "e-sports sports and management" majors to sports events.

This year’s first e-sports graduates graduated. It is understood that most of them "would not worry about where to go." In June this year, the first e-sports major of the Nanjing Institute of Media and Communication graduated, and the employment rate has reached 94.5% so far. 62% of the students are engaged in e-sports related work, including e-sports clubs, game production companies, event operating companies, etc.

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