Racing Sport Car Chair Leather adult booster seat

Every tuned car focuses on performance or suspension, but if you are going to race, what good are those mods if you have no control over them? You will be constantly sliding on your factory seats at the corners, or leaning in the opposite direction of the way you’re turning. It is time to get a pair of racing sport car chair. With higher leg and upper body supports you’ll be comfortably seated in the perfect position at all times and in all situations with reduces of the risk from misjudging distance and losing control.

Our racing sport car chair are easy to install and offer the reliability of stock seats.

  • High-performance fully reclinable style, universal application
  • Deep thing bolsters to keep the driver firmly placed in sport car chair
  • 100% Brand New
  • Material: Leather
  • Package Weight:35.000kg
  • Package Size: 90cm x 69cm x 57cm

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