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Flash Furniture Square Aluminum Indoor Table with 4 Slat Back Stacking Chairs

Instantly add a sleek, professional look and feel to your indoor or outdoor dining area with this Flash Furniture square table with 4 chairs! Made of polished, corrosion-resistant aluminum, this set is built strong to withstand daily, heavy-duty use, yet lightweight enough to provide easy maneuverability around your facility. The table’s top features a smooth stainless steel surface that makes it simple to wipe down between guests, and its wide base ensures optimal stability to prevent wobbling while in use.

Not only do the 4 included chairs boast integrated arm rests for optimal relaxation, they also feature slotted backs and seats that prevent water from collecting, ensuring they dry fast after it rains sleets, or snows.

The backs are also curved so your guests can comfortably enjoy your signature drinks, appetizers, entrees and desserts. For cleaning and storage purposes, the chairs can be stacked together with up to 16 additional chairs. Coming with plastic glides to help keep floor surfaces in pristine condition, this square aluminum table with 4 aluminum chairs is sure to enhance your patio or deck’s theme!

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Replica Children’s Egg Chair

20161116Danish designer Arne Jacobsen designed the Egg Chair for the grand opening of the Royal Copenhagen Hotel in 1958. We have created a fabulous reproduction egg chair based on this design for your child.

As per the original design, we have maintained all the features including:-


* Pure Wool Fabric, hand stitched onto the solid frame.

* Solid one-piece inner fiberglass core, will ensure countless years of enjoyment.

* Highly Polished cast aluminium base, with rubber stoppers.

* Full 360 degree swivel, and soft padding

Add some serious retro style to your Child’s bedroom or play area.

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Conference Room Chairs for Meetings

When you’re having guests for a conference, you know something important is going on. So when you know those important meetings are going to occur, why not plan ahead and furnish your conference room with chairs fit for a king?

Our collection of conference room seating has everything from contemporary to modern styles – able to please even the most particular guest. Our conference room chairs are available with or without casters, high-back, mid-back, or with captain’s back. Use our leather mesh conference chairs to accent your modernity, or snag a few of our tufted back leather chairs to suit your conference room appropriately.

Whatever style, color, and upholstery you choose, you’re sure to impress your guests straightaway when you seat them in one of our luxurious conference chairs.

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Health Chair


All chair backs are designed to fit someone, but is that someone you? One size fits all never fits all. The HealthChair addresses this issue with an active back that adjusts to truly fit your body. Designed by a dentist, each of the chair back sections is independently adjustable for a perfect fit. In addition to extraordinary comfort, the Health Chair has been designed with the high quality construction and customizable features we’ve come to expect from a high end chair.

Just check out how different the HealthChair is – most chairs are designed to fit the “average” body, but what is average? Surely a 5’2″ woman has a different sized body than a 6′ tall man? Is it realistic to expect the same chair back to fit both people comfortably? No it isn’t. The HealthChair is unique because you don’t have just one chair back, you have two, independently adjustable chair backs. Adjusting the HealthChair is easy – turn a knob to adjust each back, then push each of two buttons on the sides of the HealthChair and each seat back will move forward or back to fit YOUR body. That’s all it takes!

In conclusion, The Health Chair offers a truly unique and super comfortable chair for medical professionals, computer works, administrative staff and executives.

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