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Aluminum Chair

20160112The Aluminum Chair is one of the great furniture designs of the twentieth century. Charles and Ray Eames conceived and developed this chair in 1958 for the private residence of an art collector in Columbus, Indiana (USA). For its construction, the designer couple departed from the principle of the seat shell, instead stretching a panel of fabric or leather between two aluminium side members to create a taut but elastic seat. The chair adapts to the body of the sitter and is exceedingly comfortable, even without elaborate upholstery.

We have produced the aluminum chairs over seven years in the same superior quality. This experience allows us to offer guarantee on all of the chair models.

The Aluminium Group includes several different models for use in homes, offices and public spaces: the Aluminum Chairs Os-1805/1806/1807 serve as ideal dining chairs, while the Aluminum Chairs Os-1009/1801/1802 are primarily used for conference settings – however, all of these models can be used for either purpose. The Aluminum Chairs Os-1805/1806 and Os-1801/1802 represent two types of lounge chairs and the Aluminum Chairs Os-1009/1803 are the office swivel chairs in this large product family. Thanks to the wide variety of models and large selection of colours for fabric or leather upholstery, the perfect Aluminium Chair can be found for every environment.

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